What we Import….

We as Pra Su King (Pvt) Ltd, responsible to provide branded / quality sewing machines, solutions to meet your need. Our main task is import of sewing machines according to market requirement of South Asian countries. Other than that, we are willing to import sewing machines (Domestic and Industrial) according to the requirements of our loyal customers. We are not like others; we have the trust on what we get and we are responsible for what we give. We are in co-operate with world famous sewing machines and spare parts suppliers to supply the best solutions to our valued customers.


What we Export….

Satisfying customers with the best solution is our responsibility. Therefore, we are maintaining wide range of products with high quality with complete solutions of spare parts and accessories. In Sri Lanka we have the capability to provide sewing solutions around in South Asia and all over the world.


Customer care & after sales services

Customers are the major reason behind the company success. It is the company policy to implement a viable customer care process as our customers are very important to our business. Majority of our customers are tier apparel exporters of Sri Lanka and their main aim is to meet the delivery targets on time. As such they need reliable up to date industrial sewing machines to equip their production lines. Therefore, we are responsible and keep our promises to deliver the required machines, spare parts & accessories to fulfill their requirements. Read more

Since, the industry is highly depending on machines and breakdowns can occur at any time. Therefore, our well-trained workforce and the backup machines stock really matter to mitigate the risk of being delay to attend issues.

Not only the rented machines, our services are there for sold machines too. Our warranty will assure the customer’s trust on us and after the end of warranty, we will be there to resolve the issue that can be occurred in future.



Our well trained & experienced staff help to customers from first step to last step. According to the buyer’s preference our staff is able to adjust/add new components to the sewing machines. We are providing apparel solutions and software solutions to the customers, garment sectors. Always we are trying to give maximum support for our customers.