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Our Profile

Pra Su King (Pvt) Limited was established in 2015. The company has grown to a significant size over the last six years. Pra Su King (Pvt) Ltd, is making inroads into several overseas destinations by sending industrial sewing machines on sale and rental basis.

Pra Su King (Pvt) Ltd is founded in 2015 to specially focus on overseas business of renting and selling sewing machine and other related sewing solutions to the apparel industry sector in South Asia. Gradually, company is developing as one of the main exporting partners providing sewing solutions to the Apparel sector mainly in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam & Singapore (including sewing & non-sewing machines & spare parts).

Pra Su King (Pvt) Limited imports sewing solutions from well-known overseas suppliers in the apparel industry to provide the best, high quality products to the customers. Not only the sewing machines, spare parts and accessories are the other solutions that company is currently providing to the customers.

With the expansion of the apparel industry and gaining a fair share of the export market, demand for the rental market also increased. With the export orders flooding in, delivery time became critical. As such garment manufacturers had to heavily depend on the rented machines, renting such machines from the rental suppliers became the norm. They also had the benefit of returning the machines at the end of the next design. This practice of renting machines, drastically reduced their warehousing, insurance and security costs. Further savings were made due to less technical skills required a rented machines will be services and/or reconditioned by the supplier.

By the turn of the century, rental business was booming due to expansion of garment manufacturers such as MAS Holdings, Hela Clothing, Brandix, Hirdaramani, DTRT (Ghana), etc.

With the stability of the local market company intent to have a presence in the global market with the wide range of sewing solutions. Mainly company is responsible for export sewing solutions and import the necessary requirements. Therefore, company is in corporation with Dayaratne Apparel Solution-Bangladesh and providing valuable services to apparel industry sector in Bangladesh.

Hong Kong branch is located in Tim Shu area and is the trading arm of the company. Branch is predominantly to act as purchasing and sourcing center and make speedy shipments directly to customers where necessary.

In addition to Bangladesh and Hong Kong, company is providing services to customers in India, Kenya, Ethiopia directly from Sri Lanka. The map here shows our key operational locations and export market. Negotiations are underway to open up branches in India and Ethiopia and rental export to Vietnam.



To be the preferred supplier for the garment manufacturers and exporters of Sri Lanka and South Asia through exceptional operational excellence.


To strive for the excellence in providing the high quality reliable “Technical Logistical Solutions” to the apparel industry with state-of-the-art machineries of cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of our customers while continuously developing the skills of our Human Resources to meet the future standards of the industry.